Depending in your needs and demand, there are many types of awnings,

  • Awnings with arms systems
  • Cassette awnings
  • Tentopergola systems
  • Basket awnings
  • Decorative awnings
  • Custom Metal/ Aluminium Structures
  • Vertical awnings

To find the most suitable product you can contact us at 25-72777 to make an appointment. Qualified staff will visit your space and help you make the right choice, depending on your needs; the service is free of charge.

The raw materials of our company are imported from the international French company MITJAVILA. The products are of a superior quality and come with a guarantee of 5 years or up to 8 years on specific products. All products comply with CE European standards.   

We use a 100% acrylic waterproof fabric of high quality. It can be of French or Spanish origin and complies with the CE European standards.

Our company provides 5 years guarantee and 8 years on specific products as specified on the quote.

The biggest risk comes from the strong wind. When you are away, the tent must be closed in case any unexpected change in weather occurs.

The awning does not need any special maintenance. Within five years there may be a need for a service, which can be done by our crew.

Gelatins are used for the construction of the vertical awnings in form of windows (see - through), which are UV filter resistant in order to avoid the “sunburn effect”, which can be seen in ordinary plastics. In addition, it is stitched on in a very durable way, which provides high resistance to weather conditions.

In such case, you should contact us at 25-72777. Our technical department representatives will visit you promptly to perform any repairs.